Training and Supervision Plan - instructions

The Training and Supervision Plan is to be completed by the main supervisor of a PhD candidate within 3 months after the start of the PhD track. The plan must be agreed upon with the PhD candidate, and it must be approved by the director of the ILLC PhD Programme, the director of the ILLC and the dean of the faculty where the candidate is enrolled.

The Training and Supervision Plan acts as a guideline for both the supervision team and the PhD candidate and should be adjusted every year.
Once this form is signed by you and at least your main supervisor, it should be submitted as a pdf to the ILLC PhD mailbox. The ILLC PhD team will upload it to your tracking page.

The form itself can be found on the personal tracking pages of the candidate.

personal tracking pages

What is expected for each section


Who are involved in the supervision of the PhD project? Be aware that a second supervisor and a promotor are mandatory right from the start of the project. What agreements are made regarding supervision?

At least the following points should be addressed:

  • frequency of meetings
  • role of different supervisors and division of responsibilites between them
  • means by which the PhD candidate will report progress on research
  • means by which the supervisors will provide feedback


  • working title of the research topic
  • brief description of the research project
  • outline of the research plan for the entire duration of the project, per year
  • description of what the 9-month report should comprise of and a planning towards the assessment interview at 12 months
  • Research data management: is this applicable for your kind of research. If yes, make sure to read ILLC's RDM protocol, set up a plan and submit your RDM plan on the ILLC website.
  • ILLC's RDM protocol

The research plan should provide a timeline for the main research tasks in each year, including the expected output/results and the deadlines. If publications are part of the output, please indicate so.


The ILLC PhD programme advises that a number of scientific courses related to the subject area of the PhD candidate are selected, for example within the UvA Master's programmes (Master of Logic, Master in AI, Master in Cognitive Science, etc). Online courses can also be considered. In addition, the ILLC strongly encourages all PhD candidates to enrol in the MoL course "Logic, Language and Computation" (LoLaCo) in the first year of their PhD track, since this is an excellent way to get an overview of the different research topics within the institute.

Please include in this section:

  • All scientific courses, time period and course title
  • Any non-scientific courses that the PhD candidate will follow during the PhD track, time period and course title (no need to mention the transferable skills courses that are part of the obligatory ILLC PhD training programme)
  • Summer schools, conferences and other training events the PhD candidate aims to attend and mention the time period
  • Planned research visits: host institution, time period, and purpose of the visit. Research visits typically take place in the 2nd or 3rd year of a PhD track
  • Possible planned internships: host institution, time period, and purpose of the visit, paid or unpaid, part of PhD project or not. Internships should only take place in the 2nd or 3rd year of a PhD track.
  • Please include the national research school you are or will be joining.


Planned teaching tasks that will allow the PhD candidate to obtain teaching experience. Include the time period and if possible the course title.

Be aware that the actual teaching tasks are distributed by the ILLC PhD Council. What is included here can only be an indication.


Organisational or administrative tasks which the PhD candidate will contribute to, such as seminar or workshop organisation, membership in the PhD Council, etc.

Career prospects

The plans and prospects for the future career of the PhD candidate. If appropriate, outline a plan of action - for example, regarding postdoc projects proposals or job applications.

Participation in activities organised within the University of Amsterdam (eg, career lunches and workshop, Life after ILLC, Pro-Actief, career markets).


  • What is expected for the 9-month report? Include a short planning.
  • How will be dealt with feedback?

Other remarks

Any other remarks on issues not covered above or comments on special circumstances.