In case of delay

A PhD project is considered to be delayed when the defense ceremony is not expected before the end date of the PhD contract or PhD track, including any official extensions.

We should make sure that your time as well as the ILLC facilities are used efficiently. Therefore you should set up a meeting with the PhD candidate, the complete supervision team and the direoctor of the PhD programme, in the final year, as soon as you realize that a delay is expected. During this meeting a 'Continuation and graduation contract' is drawn up. At the latest this document should be submitted one month before the end of the official project period.

This "Continuation and graduation contract" is an official agreement between the supervision team. the PhD candidate and the ILLC.  In this document a set of strict agreements and deadlines is laid down, which should be met in order for supervision and use of UvA and ILLC facilities to continue. It should contain a realistic prospective defense date and a concrete and detailed planning of activities to realise an actual defense on this date, taking into consideration other obligations the PhD candidate might have after the end of the contract/track.

The form to be used is available on the personal tracking page of the PhD candidate. (PhD candidates can view this form, only supervisors are able to edit it.) Instructions on how to fill in these forms can be found online.

Personal tracking page

Continuation and graduation contract - instructions

After the meeting has taken place and the report is complete, the  PhD candidate, the full supervision team and the director of ILLC's PhD programme should sign the report and hand it in to the ILLC PhD team.

For questions you can contact the ILLC PhD team via the ILLC PhD mailbox.

This procedure is repeated as soon as it becomes clear that the new prospecitve defense date will not be met.