Prior to appointment

How to deal with admission and information requests

The ILLC regularly advertises open positions for PhD candidates funded via direct (UvA) funding, these advertisements may specify the area of research but leave the precise project description open. In this case potential PhD candidates will often contact ILLC staff members to discuss their research plan before submitting their application. In case of questions about the procedure, the chair of the selection committee can provide more information.

All other potential PhD candidates who secured their own funding (and do not apply to an ILLC advertised PhD position) should be advised to submit the PhD admission-request via the website of the ILLC PhD Programme.

How to set up a PhD selection procedure

Before the PhD selection procedure

As soon as funding for an open PhD position has been secured, the ILLC office will help guide the PhD selection procedure. Note that there are strict rules for the composition of a hiring committee and for the announcement of a new open position on the website of the ILLC. As a future supervisor it is in your interest to make sure there is enough time allocated for the PhD selection procedure.

After the PhD selection procedure

As soon as the PhD selection committee has reached a conclusion, it will advise the director of the institute in the selection of the best candidate for the advertised position. When a candidate has been selected, the ILLC support staff will contact the Human Resource Department in order to arrange the employment details. As soon as the employment contract of the selected candidate starts, the candidate automatically becomes enrolled in the ILLC PhD Programme.