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  • Workspace

    The ILLC will provide a workspace to everyone who is accepted into the ILLC PhD programme. This workspace comes with a desktop or laptop computer with an operating system of your choice.

    PhD candidates who travel between two faculties but do not have an individual workspace at the Science Park can use one of the ILLC flex-PhD desks available at Science Park 107.

    PhD candidates who are employed outside the UvA but within the Netherlands (E.G. at the CWI or Meertens Institute) are free to use one of the ILLC's flex-PhD-desks when needed.

    PhD candidates who do not succeed in completing their PhD track within the contract, may obtain permission from ILLC to continue to use the ILLC workspace facilities for a specified period of time.


    The ILLC assists all new foreign PhD candidates in finding suitable accommodation. However, due to the overheated Amsterdam housing market, we cannot guarantee success.

  • Learning Dutch

    If you are not from the Netherlands, doing your PhD track at the ILLC means that you will live in the Netherlands for rather a long time. Although many Dutch people speak English, your living experience here will be greatly enhanced by learning the Dutch language. Therefore, the ILLC financially supports candidates who want to learn Dutch. You can get reimbursement for the costs of Dutch language courses offered by the UvA's INTT.

    Note that the textbooks required for these courses are not covered. Instead, the ILLC PhD Council has organized a library of these books which PhD candidates may take out on loan when required.

    PhD Dissertation Bonus

    See Financial Matters.

  • Computing Facilities


    Employees of the UvA have access to 50 gigabytes of online storage. You can connect this storage to your work computer and use it as an extra drive or for backup-purposes. For information on how to access this storage, see http://windows-support.uva.nl (Windows), http://linux-support.uva.nl (Linux) or http://mac-support.uva.nl (Mac).

  • Libraries

    The UvA Library consists of a well-equipped central library and numerous specialised libraries distributed across town. It also offers access to a a comprehensive online catalogue (make sure you connect via the UvA network to be able to freely access all journals the UvA is subscribing to).

  • Sports

    As an UvA employee, you get discounts for the University Sports Center (USC). There is a large USC gym at the Science Park, just a few minutes walk from the ILLC. The USC offers facilities and courses in a wide range of sports. For more information, see the USC website.

  • Culture

    The University has a cultural centre, CREA, that organizes events and offers courses in dance, music and theatre. CREA offers discounts to UvA employees. The centre is located at the Roeterseilandcomplex, which is a 15 minute bike ride away from the Science Park. For more information, see CREA's website.