Overview of Procedures

The timeline below gives an overview of the procedural milestones in a standard 4-year PhD track.

Some of these procedures concern administrative matters required by the UvA or the Faculties, while others are specified by the ILLC PhD Programme and aim to help you and your supervisor keep track of progress during your PhD track. They are all important and it is a PhD candidate's reposibility to make sure that no steps are missed. To help you out with this, the pages in this section provide detailed descriptions of the steps involved in each year of a PhD trajectory.

The first year

The middle years

The final year

PhD project delayed

Please note that the most important regulations concerning a PhD trajectory are the Doctorate Regulations of the University of Amsterdam. To be able to graduate you will have to comply with the rules laid down in this document.

Doctorate Regulations UvA

Personal timeline and tracking page

As a PhD candidate at the ILLC you have your own personal timeline and tracking page, where you and your supervisors have access to. On this page you can see what administrative and procedural milestones you still need to fulfill and which skill courses you still need to follow.

PhD personal timeline and tracking page