PhD Programme

Thom van GesselPhD candidate at FNWI 2016-2022

'Traditionally, the meaning of a sentence is understood in terms of the conditions under which it is true. A shortcoming of this analysis is that it cannot capture the meaning of questions, because they are not true or false. The recently developed framework of inquisitive semantics identifies the meaning of a sentence with the conditions under which it is supported by a given information state. Within this framework, I study the interaction between modality and questions, from a linguistic as well as from a logical perspective.'


The ILLC PhD programme, organised by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam, is a four-year programme designed to support and guide PhD candidates in their track to become highly qualified scientific researchers in the areas described by the institute's research mission. PhD candidates are given the opportunity to benefit from a rich scientific programme as well as a tailor-made transferable-skills programme.

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