PhD Programme

Mostafa DehghaniPhD candidate since September 2014-2020

'There is a great deal of implicit connections between pieces of information in different datasources. Making these implicit connections explicit enables us to deal with a more enriched data in exploratory search. My research lies on exploiting machine learning approaches to establish and follow connections between content of the digitized cultural heritage data and the Linked Open Data cloud. The resulting collection will have unprecedented power, with a wealth of information in semantic annotation and links which helps a searcher explore this rich content.'


The ILLC PhD programme, organised by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam, is a four-year programme designed to support and guide PhD candidates in their track to become highly qualified scientific researchers in the areas described by the institute's research mission. PhD candidates are given the opportunity to benefit from a rich scientific programme as well as a tailor-made transferable-skills programme.

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