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  • The middle years

    If the decision taken during the first year assessment interview is positive, a PhD candidate will be able to continue their appointment till the end of the contract.

    During the middle years of a PhD track, besides the regular supervisory duties, the main supervisor is reponsible for organising an annual evaluation meeting at the end of each year and, based upon that meeting, for filling in and submitting an annual progress report.

    The forms for the second and third year progress report are both available on the PhD candidate's personal tracking page. Please note: PhD candidates can view these forms, only supervisors are able to edit it. Please navigate to the candidate in question. Then open the 'Forms and Documents' tab. At the bottom of the page there is a list of documents and forms. Click the 'Open Form' link next to the form you need. Instructions on how to fill in these forms can be found online.

    These forms and the instructions can serve as  guidelines for these meetings.

    Both reports evaluate the progress of the research and other activities performed over the past year.

    The emphasis of the third year progress report, however, lies more heavily on the planning towards graduating before the end of the contract or PhD track (including the defense ceremony).

    Middle years

    Personal tracking page

    Second year progress report - instructions

    Third year progress report - instructions

    These meetings and reports do not have the same weight as the first year assessment. However, these are also official documents that need the signature of the director of the PhD Programme, the ILLC director and the dean of the faculty involved, and will be kept in the candidate's file.

    Typically such an evaluation meeting is held at the end of the each middle year. If progress is difficult for some reason, more of these meetings (and reports) per year can be advisable.

    Please note: the names of these forms are in line with a standard 4-year contract/track. In case of a 3-year or 5-year contract/track, the third year progress report should be used at the end of the year prior to the final year, otherwise the second year progress report should be used.


  • The final year

    In the final year of the candidate's PhD track, the promotor and candidate have to take care of the graduation procedures.

    The final year

    The most important actions of the promotor are:

    Proposal Doctorate Committee

    (note: if you're employed at the Faculty of the Humanities, this proposal should be sent directly to

    Manuscript to Doctorate Committee (and the dean of the faculty)

    Approval by the Doctorate Committee

    Signed title page to the Beadle

    The timeline towards graduation works backwards. Supervisors and candidate first agree on a possible period for the ceremony and then count back from there to find out what the right time for each action is. A planning tool is available on the PhD candidate's personal tracking page. Please navigate to the candidate in question and open the 'Procedure-dates' tab.

    Personal tracking page

    As soon as a planned date for the ceremony is set with the Beadle, these indicated deadlines become strict and are the last possible moment to ensure that the defense ceremony can indeed take place on that date.

  • The plagiarism scan

    Since the introduction of the Doctorate Regulations 2014 a plagiarism scan is mandatory for every PhD thesis defended at the UvA. Therefore, when sending the manuscript for approval to the doctorate committee, it should also be sent to the dean of the appropriate faculty with cc to the ILLC PhD mailbox:

    Please mind, that at the Faculty of Science the promotor can also ask for a plagiarism pre-scan, though only once, before handing in the manuscript to the doctorate committee.

    To find out when, what and who concerning the plagiarism (pre-)scan at the Faculty of Science, please check the flowchart, in Dutch only. Also to find out what will happen when the (pre-)scan seems to show plagiarism.

    Flowchart plagiarism scan