Personal webpage

  • Personal webpage

    All PhD candidates are encouraged to make their own personal website with at least the following information:

    • your research group
    • your supervisor(s)
    • a brief description of your research
    • a (linked) list of your publications

    The main reason for having a homepage is your own scientific career. It is important for you to have a clear and up-to-date homepage. When you apply for a postdoc position, for instance, your homepage is what people will check to get a first impression.

    A second reason is that staff members of the ILLC, your fellow PhD candidates and students in the Master of Logic are in fact really interested in what you are doing.

  • Making a homepage

    All employees of the UvA, more precisely all owners of a UvANetID, have a personal page at their disposal. More information can be found here.

    More information about UvA's personal homepage and automatically publishing your publications on this page can be found here.

    In case you need some more functionality, like PHP, (basic) scripting etc, there is both for students employed at FGw and FNWI a second option.

    PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science (FNWI)

    If you are employed by the FNWI you can also create a webpage on the FNWI webserver:

    In order to create a homepage here log on to the server as follows:

    ssh -p 22

    and create an 'index.html' file in the 'WWW' directory.

  • PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities (FGw)

    If you are employed by the FGw you can point a browser to

    and log on. This will give you a webinterface where you can make
    directories, upload files and manage your homepage. Generally, the url
    of the page(s) that you create will look as follows:


    Where [domain-name] can be chosen. The admin username that is created also makes the following url accessible:

    which perhaps gives the url more of a homepage feel.