Middle Years


As you can see in the time line above, as far as procedures are concerned, the middle years of your PhD track, are relatively quiet. You can just focus on your work. This is also a good moment to do a research visit abroad or perhaps an internship.

Research visit abroad


  • Annual evaluation meetings

    The only procedural steps that need to be taken care of are the annual progress meetings with your main supervisor (and possibly other members of the supervision team) at the end of each year.

    When the time of an annual evaluation approaches, your main supervisor will prepare a progress report after asking you for input.

    There are two different forms: the second year progress report and the third year progress report. 

    The forms to be used are available on your personal tracking page. Please note: PhD candidates can view this form, only supervisors are able to edit it. For supervisors: Please navigate to the candidate in question. Then open the 'Forms and Documents' tab. At the bottom of the page there is a list of documents and forms. Click the 'Open Form' link next to the form you need. Instructions on how to fill in these forms can be found online.

    Personal tracking page

    Second year progress report - instructions

    Third year progress report - instructions

    Both reports evaluate the progress of your research over the past year as well as activities you have performed, such as taking courses (academic and skills), attending a summer school, conferences or workshops, doing a research visit abroad, giving presentations, teaching, organisational tasks, refereeing, etc. These aspects, as well as a plan for the coming year, will be discussed during a meeting, where you, as a PhD candidate, can also express your wishes, worries and complaints concerning any aspect of your PhD.

    The emphasis of the third year progress report lies more heavily on your planning towards graduating before the end of your contract or PhD track.

    After the meeting has taken place and the report is complete, you and your main supervisor should sign the report and send it in PDF format to the ILLC PhD mailbox. The other required signatures will be collected by the ILLC Office.

    Please note: the names of these forms are in line with a standard 4-year contract. In case of a 3-year or 5-year contract, the third year progress report should be used at the end of the year prior to your final year, otherwise the second year progress report should be used.

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